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Wow, where did 2016 go. You blink an eye and its gone. I see that with a lot of companies with the retention of their employees. The heads that tend to stay in the office and never go on the floor are truly oblivious to the true actions that are going on under their noses. To be a true leader one must get their own hands dirty. Get down on that floor everyday and see the people that make your company great. It may be a janitor, someone making the boxes that ship your product, to the machinist with the keen eye or your engineers. Talk to them, ask them what would make their job easier or safer. Ask for their input and most importantly use their input. These are not dumb people, a bunch of robots. Every one has a set of skills. Put your hands where there hands are and see how it is to be in their shoes. I challenge every owner to get out on that floor and do what their employees do for them everyday in and out, over and over. Every one of those employees are an important element that helps to make your business run smoothly. Treat them all fairly, as equals. Don’t look down your noses at them because you think their jobs are nominal. Some of you are thinking right now I came from the floor and worked my way up. Maybe its time for you to get off your keester and go back down and remember where you came from. So before you loose another prized employee or one that might be struggling. Make it a habit to get yourself down on the ground floor. There is always another job out their waiting for that employee that you as an employer did not see the full potential and they chose to leave you.  So remember it is as easy for that employee to replace YOU as it is for you to replace THEM. * Also can be read on my LinkedIn acct.

Schooling is a very important part of anyone’s life.  To the young people, do not miss out on a good education.  Your first step is to complete high school.  No matter if you know what you want to do when you get older, finish high school.  I realize how hard school can be and the pressures at home may be, but this first step is going to show an expected employee that you are willing to stick with something no matter how hard it maybe.   Basic vo-tech while in high school is a good start if you are planning on going into the field of being a machinist.  They teach you the minimum but it is a good start.  While you are still in high school and in a vo-tech program it is a good idea to apply for an internship with a local company.  Some will offer you a minimum wage, but the key here is to get in the door with an experienced machinist who is willing to pass on their knowledge.